Slots Tips

Tips and Tricks for playing online slot machines in the UK.

- Always gem up on all available information about a Slot machine before playing it. Read up on which combinations give you the best payout, and how many coins you need to land them. Smart players are successful players more often then uninformed players!

- If you are betting on Progressive Slots, always bet the highest amount, to land the big jackpot, but set yourself a budget and be aware that you will burn through your bank roll quicker.

- Slow your play. There is no rush! The quicker you spin the reels, and the less brain power you use, the greater chance of you making a silly mistake. You can make one spin per day if you really want to - you're in charge! Keep your mind sharp and play slowly and methodically.

- Set yourself a loss limit on your slots session and stop playing when you reach it - be disciplined- NEVER play past your loss limit. Som egames like Gladiator will eat your money faster than others like Avalon 2, but when they do go hot, it's adrenaline time.

- Always keep a slice of your winnings back  - never reinvest all your winnings back into the fruit machines. If you hit the 5,000 coins jackpot, set a new budget of say 2,000 to reinvest. you'll be able to play for longer and you'll walk away "up". If you win big- walk away!

- Shop around for the best slot machine- which machine has the best payout for the lowest outlay? Where's the biggest jackpot? (Mega Moolah is sure to be a contender).

- Look for casinos that are fully licensed for UK players. All the sites we feature here pay their UK taxes and are regulated by the UK government.

- Remember, always play responsibly and don't get carried away. treat slots as entertainment and set your self a limit that you don't mind losing, say the cost of entertaining yourself for an hour or two. Perhaps it's the same outlay as a trip to the restaurant, or the cinema or something. If you win, it will be an added bonus, as you won't really have lost anything, you have just paid for entertainment!

Good luck.