Best Slot Games

There are so many online slot games these days, and the pace of development doesn't look like it is slowing any time soon.

Of all the casino games, slots are perhaps best suited to playing online or on your mobile. Most of the popular slots you'll find at casinos are video slots anyway- and the experience transfers easily to a desktop, laptop, tablet and even to mobiles (especailly with the trend of screen sizes getting bigger and bigger).

Gone are the days of the one armed bandit being the only game in town. These days, you are more likely to be looking for an X-Men slot, a Game of Thrones slot or a Siberian Storm.

And the great thing about the Internet is its networking power, which means that individual casinos have been able to link up and offer progressive jackpots that run into the millions of pounds. Take the Mega Moolah jackpot slot from Microgaming, for example. this game's jackpot starts ticking up from a million and heads north as everyone across the network feeds the machines. Until someone scoops the big one of course.

In this section, we review our all time favourite games so that you don't have to trawl through the haystack to find the golden needle. There are games here for newbies (lower risk), high rollers (high volatility, big jackpot runs), and all types of players in between. We have recommended the best casino for each featured game for UK players, based on player reputation, speed of payout and site useability. Keep checking back for our latest game and slots bonus recommendations.

Our All Time Favourite Slot?
A difficult question, and we are going to have to hold the white flag up immediately and boil it down to the top 3, as it depends what mood we are in (and anyway, 3 games in our repertoire is the absolute minimum. We'd get bored just playing one the whole time).

Our top 3 are: Thunderstruck 2 (it's been around a while now, but it remains head and shoulders above most games on gameplay and entertainment). Great Blue (very volatile, but we love this game when it does kick off- a real adreanline buzz, and a relaxing calming theme even when its going through lean periods). The Gladiator slot machine- the movie might be gathering dust, but this slot isn't. We keep coming back to it.

We expect this list to change by the way- there are just too many new games coming out for it not to, with the likes of the Game of Thrones Slot and Jurassic Park all making an appearance. We'll see if any of the new slots knock this lot off their perch.