Slots games developers used to focus on desktops and laptops when they were building new games. Not any longer. Most developer now create games with a "mobile first" philosophy. Slot games have become very popular on the new powerful smartphones and especailly tablets and iPAds that they ingore this market segment at their peril.

We are not quite at the stage where you can play as many games on your mobile as you can on your laptop or desktop, but we're not that far away either. The game of Thrones slots was one of the first games to come out as an Android Slot, and iPhone Slot, a "you name it" slot- it launched on all device at the same time. This is now standard practice across the industry. And the most popular existing games (like the Mermaids Millions slot) have been adapted for smaller screens as well).

And the good news is that casinos love mobile slots players! And this means that you can often find extra mobile slots bonus offers just for playing on your smartphone or tablet.

And we are steadily seeing the older games being migrated onto the smaller screen too, so classics like Thunderstruck 2, for example have made the move across. Not every game is available- but we expect the casins to continue migrating slots over, prioritising their most popular games, of course.

Why the Change in Habits?
Mobile casino have been around for a long time (do you remember the old low WAP casinos?)  So why have they suddenly taken off so fast?

Well 3 reasons really.

The first is Moore's Law. Gordon Moore from Intel observed back in 1965 that the power of  integrated circuits had roughly doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. This loosely translates today to a doubling of computer power every year- and that has meant that today's smartphones are completely different beasts to the machine we were using even 5 years ago. And more power means better graphics, and a richer slots experience.

The second is screen size- the trend is up on this front, meaning that there is more space for designers to fit fantastic games on to your phone. So if you are playing iPhone Slots on the 6 Plus, you've got a lot of "real-estate" to play with.

And the third? Connection speeds. Whether you are on WIFI or your mobile network, today's connection speed mean that the games a fast and engaging.